hotsoccergirl1234 yeah, I know. I really need to find a different job to be honest

hotsoccergirl1234 yeah, I get paid 7.25 when in store, and 4 something when out on deliveries because there is a chance I’ll get tipped. Shit’s whack.


feelin like people are only nice to me/ compliment me bc they feel bad for me tbh

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which fictional character do i remind you of; looks and/or personality?

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Reblog if you’ll PUBLICLY answer anything in your ask right now.

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but how am i supposed to know the world is fucked up if banksy doesn’t spray paint it on a public wall 

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petalsgoddex replied to your post “Does anyone have a wii u and wanna add me? My username is…”

o o i will add u when i get home

Awesome! Do you have any multiplayer games, or more specifically Mario Kart 8? :~)

Does anyone have a wii u and wanna add me? My username is austinpitylimits

Wow I got Windwaker HD for free since I bought Mario kart 8 SWEEEEEET!

God, the wii u takes forever to update. I just want to play Mario kart!!